308 match grade brass

55 gal steel


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Subject: Elijah Wood/Chris Meloni - Part 3Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and does not indicate pussy girl of 14
knowledge of
the true sexuality of the celebrities involved. I do not know anything
about the personal lives of these celebrities and nothing that is written
here is meant to imply these people are actually gay. Since this is a
fantasy, safe sex is not implied.Elijah Wood and Chris Meloni - Part 3After the hot lovemaking Elijah and Chris got dressed to go out to dinner.
Chris wore his shirt on the outside of his jeans to cover his bulge and
buttoned up his shirt hiding his pierced nipples. Chris asked Elijah if he
remembered the little bar they went to for a beer. He said he did, and
Chris said they have the best burgers and fries. Elijah said that sounded
good to him. They jumped in Chris' car and took off. They both ordered
burgers ls magazine 8
and fires and of course a beer. Elijah said they were the best he
had in a long time.It was still a warm California day and Elijah suggested a swim. They
stripped off their clothes, went out to the patio and jumped in the pool.
They swam around for awhile just enjoying the refreshing water. They got
out of the pool, grabbed some towels and sat on the double lounge chair,
lit up a cigarette and sat back and enjoyed the warm breeze blowing across
their naked bodies. Elijah asked Chris if he wanted a beer and he said why
don't we split one for now. They were both very contented and relaxed.
Finally Chris said, "why don't we go inside and try out those poppers you
bought. Elijah knew what that meant, he got the poppers out of the fridge
and they headed to the bedroom.They were laying side by side and Chris reached over and pulled Elijah on
top of him. They looked at each other and were soon 4shared xxx video kissing, slipping
their tongues 13 yo girl fuck in each others ben10 pic sex mouths. Chris wrapped his arms around Elijah
and just held him close. Elijah could sense there was something different
happening and he looked into Chris' eyes. Chris said, "I know we haven't
known each very long, but I adult gaems flash 2 think, no what I mean is I'm in love with you".
Elijah's eyes filled with tears and said no one had ever said that to him.
Yes they loved his movies and everything else, but no 121 pass adult one had ever said
they just loved him. Chris asian hot pink 7748 wiped away his tears and Elijah said that he
too had fallen in love with Chris. Chris just kept his arms 10-14 nude kids gallery around him and
held him tori allover30
like that for awhile. Finally Chris said, "I know we can't get
married or anything like that and that we can't have a child together, but
I want to be in you and give you my seed, I've been saving it up for awhile
and I want to fill your ass with my load of hot cum".Chris told Elijah to turn 757 porn
around and straddle him so he could eat his ass.
Both of their cocks were rock hard. Chris started licking his ass and
Elijah started to suck on Chris' cock. Chris' cock was 9 inches and very
thick, Elijah got almost all of it down his throat, he slid up and down
with his mouth, sticking his tongue in the piss slit. Chris was moaning as
he was rimming his ass, he took his hands and pulled Elijah's ass wide open
and started licking his hole, he even managed to get his tongue in. In and
out, now Elijah was groaning and kept saying, "eat my fucking ass, eat me,
it feels so good". Finally Chris told him to turn around, he took the lube
and slicked up his cock. Chris said, "okay, let's try out these poppers
you bought". Chris took the poppers and inhaled deeply up both nostrils,
he handed the poppers to Elijah who did the same. Chris reached down and
held up cock straight up, Elijah got over it and squatted down adult 18 games
until he
could feel the fashion 12yo head of Chris' cock at his hole, then he slid all the way
down on Chris' big cock. The poppers did their job and Elijah just said,
"motherfuck, 23 sexy latinas
oh fuck, fuck fuck". He started riding up and down on Chris'
cock. Elijah had all of Chris' cock in his ass, he could feel the curly
bush of hair surrounding it. Chris sat up and pulled Elijah close and they
started kissing again. He told Elijah to wrap his legs around his waist,
which he did, then Chris slid to the edge of the bed
holding Elijah and stood up. Elijah was completely impaled on his cock
and Chris walked around a little, then he bounced up and down. Elijah
said, "fuck, that feels awesome. Chris just grinned at him, turned tori allover30
back to
the bed and put Elijah down so he was on his back. Chris said he wanted to
cum but wanted to hold off a little longer. He started fucking him
slowly,they he would pull back so only the head was in his ass, and then he
would ram it back in hard. "Holy fuck, your cock feels so big and I feel
so full". Chris asked if he was enjoying it as he didn't want to hurt him.
"No man, your 6 kiddie porn cock feels so fucking good" he replied.Chris continued to fuck him for quite awhile and then he said he was really
getting close to unloading his cum. "Let's try some more of those poppers"
he said. Elijah opened the bottle, took a deep whiff and then handed it to
Chris. He inhaled deeply and said, "get ready, I'm going to fill your hot
ass with my cum". A couple more strokes, he buried his cock to the hilt
and started blasting the months load of cum in Elijah's ass. Elijah
started to cum after the first blast in his ass. They both kept saying,
fuck, fuck, fuck. Chris finally collapsed on top of Elijah, laid there for
a minute, then he kissed him and told him how much he loved him. Elijah
said he felt the same way. Finally Chris' cock softened and he pulled out
of Elijah's ass. A look of contentment was on both their faces. They went
to take a shower, cleaned up, each still with a load of hot cum in their
asses.They went back 55 gal drum projects in the living room, grabbing a beer on the way, sat down and
lit up a cigarette. They both said it was probably one of the best days of
their lives. They raised their beers in a toast and said, "here's to us".
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